Enigma Ending Explained: Did Ajin and the Real Cult Leader Ignite the Final War?

Enigma Ending Explained: The new GMMTV Thai Horror series Enigma (คน มนตร์ เวท), directed by O Patha Thongpan and Pat Thachai Komolphet, explores the strange activities at a school where top-scoring students mysteriously die. The series stars Win Metawin as Ajin, Prim Chanikarn as Farinda aka Fa, Piploy Kanyarat as Namsai, Prigkhing as Yihwa, Earn Preeyaphat as Khaohom, and other notable actors.

The four-part series will launch a new episode every Saturday starting from July 16 to August 5. It will air on Prime Video and on the GMMTV channel on YouTube for free.

Enigma Plot

When a top student, Fa, notices that her classmates Matt and Wan died mysteriously, she realises that she is the next victim as she is the third top-scoring pupil at the school. When she finds evidence proving the new teacher Ajin isn’t who he claims to be, Ajin reveals the truth to her about the curse on the school that’s run by a magician. Fa and Ajin unite to find the culprit and put an end to the deadly spell.

Enigma Recap

Fa notices something strange in her school as the top-scoring students continuously die. When a new substitute teacher, Ajin, arrives, Fa tries to learn more about him as he acts fishy. When she visits the school at night and breaks into the staff room, she notices an unusual outfit in Ajin’s drawer. Just when she escapes the place, she comes face to face with a possessed guard who tries to kill her. Before things could get worse, Ajin comes and saves her.

Enigma Ending Explained Still 2
A still from the series “Enigma”

Fa fails to get a good glance at Ajin as her specs fall down. The next day she wakes up in her room with no scar on her head. She finds it hard to believe that what she experienced the previous night is a dream. Her suspicions are proved when one of the hidden cameras that she placed captures Ajin saving her. When she meets Ajin and confronts him, he opens up everything to her.

Apparently, one of the students has cursed the school and has started to hunt the students who score high. Sadly, Fa is the next victim. To protect her, Ajin plans out everything and keeps Fa at his place. They both come across various spells and break them. One day, Fa meets the real student who is behind the curse and it is none other than her ex-best friend Namsine.

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Fa tells Ajin about her friendship with Namsine and the reason why they split. We also learn that Namsine’s abusive mother led her to accept a cult’s offer which demands her to kill people. Ajin and Fa prepare for the final battle and their plan executes not so perfectly. Ajin realises that Namsine is much more stronger than he thought and she’s completely under the Enigma’s control. The only way he can save her is by taking her curse and putting it on himself.

Enigma Ending Explained Still 4
A still from the series “Enigma”

When Ajin gets possessed, Fa starts the ritual that Ajin previously taught her. Successfully, she breaks Ajin from the spell and Namsine gets saved. Time skip, Namsine and Fa are having their good old days and Ajin leaves the school. Fa meets Ajin and throws a private farewell party where she confesses her wish to stay beside him and kisses him. Ajin however casts a spell and puts her to sleep. He leaves the town in search for the real cult leader.

Enigma Ending Explained

Due to the spell’s effect, Namsine and Fa don’t have a good memory of what they went through. In fact, they are made to believe that Ajin never existed. However, when a news channel covers the dating news of a celebrity, the friends catch Ajin’s face there. Ajin dates Anya who he believes is a member of the cult. He tries to seduce her but she keeps her limits.

When Anya returns to her hotel room, the Enigma is seen sitting inside. Anya asks him why he isn’t finishing off Ajin despite him being so close to them. The leader replies quite playfully pointing that he wants to devour Ajin slowly. The episode ends with Ajin staring at Anya’s hotel room and the Enigma looking at Ajin. The real war begins!

Enigma Ending Explained Still 3
A still from the series “Enigma”

Enigma is streaming on Prime Video and on YouTube. If you’ve watched the episode, let us know your thoughts in the comment section.

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