Dr. Victor Chang Religion: Ethnicity and Origin Explored

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The religion of Dr. Victor Chang has been searched for by many people online. Here you can find out everything about his faith and ethnic origins.

Dr. Victor Chang was a well-known heart surgeon. He was also a pioneer of modern heart transplantation in Australia. He was associated with St. Vincent’s Hospital and there Chang worked with surgeon Harry Windsor.

Unfortunately, Dr. Chang on July 4, 1991 and was just 54 years old at the time. It was discovered that Dr. Chang was murdered.

According to an online report, Dr. Chang shot twice in the head on July 4, 1991 during a failed escape attempt. The incident reportedly occurred in the morning.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chang is currently in the spotlight as he is honored by Google Doodle on the occasion of his birthday.

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Dr. Victor Chang Religion: Was he Christian or Jewish?

The religion of Dr. Victor Chang has caught everyone’s attention on the Internet. So far, media sources have not said anything about the matter. So it remains unclear whether he was a Christian or a Jew.

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However, some online portals have pointed out that Dr. Chang was a Christian and believed in Jesus. Further information cannot be passed on because Dr. Chang himself never said anything about his faith.

Dr.  Victor Chang religion
The religion of Dr. Victor Chang is one of the most searched topics about him on the Internet. (Source: The University of Sydney)

He was reportedly not a religious man. As already mentioned, he was a heart surgeon. Although he was not religious, Dr. Chang asked Sister Bernice to say a prayer for his patients and was recognized for his kindness.

FYI: Sister Bernice was a nun with the Sisters of Charity of Australia. Considering this fact, it can be confirmed that Dr. Chang was a Christian.

Dr. Victor Chang explores ethnicity and origins

Dr. Victor Chang was of mixed ancestry, having been born to Australian Chinese parents. Not to mention, he was born on November 21, 1936 to his parents May Chang and Aubrey Chang in Shanghai, Republic of China.

Meanwhile, Dr. Chang grew up in Hong Kong, where he attended primary school in Kowloon Tong. He also spent two years at St. Paul’s College.

Dr.  Victor Chang ethnicity
Dr. Victor Chang was He is of mixed ethnicity, having been born to Australian Chinese parents. (Source: Facebook)

On the other hand, he and his younger sister were sent to Sydney by their father in 1951 to stay with an extended family.

Considering this, it can be said that Dr. Chang spent his early days in various places.

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Take a look at the family life of Dr. Victor Chang

Dr. Victor Chang was born and raised in a healthy family. Chang was not his parents’ only child, as Chang grew up alongside his two siblings, Frances and Anthony.

Dr. Chang was the youngest of them all. The Chang family experienced a tragic moment when their mother died of breast cancer on April 7, 1948. Her mother was just 33 years old at the time.

Family Dr.  Victor Chang
Dr. Victor Chang was born and raised in a healthy family in China. (Source: Victor Chang Foundation)

After his mother’s death, Dr. Chang at the age of 12 for a career in medicine. He completed his higher education at the University of Sydney.

Apart from that, Dr. Chang married to him wife, Ann Simmons. They met in 1966 and later had three children: Vanessa, Matthew and Marcus.

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