Did Mario Fernandez Saldana Married  Jared Bridegan Ex-Wife?

Many are interested to know if Mario Fernandez Saldana married the ex-wife of the murdered Microsoft executive, Jared Bridegan.

The shocking case involving the ambush death of Microsoft executive Jared Bridegan has changed course. His ex-wife Shanna Gardner and her co-defendant Mario Fernandez Saldana have each been charged with his murder.

State Attorney Melissa Nelson’s announcement that prosecutors are seeking the death penalty for both defendants in the high-profile case has captured the public’s attention.

An intricate web of resentment, divorce, and contentious relationships has been exposed by the investigation into Bridegan’s tragic death.

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What is the court case of Mario Fernandez Saldana about?

The web is tangled between the defendant, Mario Enrique Fernandez Saldana, 35, and the victim because he is the new yet estranged husband of Bridegan’s ex-wife Shanna Gardner-Fernandez.

The second defendant in this killing, Henry Tenon, 61, who had been a tenant on property belonging to Fernandez Saldana, pleaded guilty as the gunman.

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Jared’s widow, Kirsten Bridegan, released a statement through prosecutors welcoming their decision to seek the death penalty.

Jared Bridegan was driving after taking three of his children for a routine weekly dinner on Feb. 16, 2022. He had dropped off the twins he shared with Gardner-Fernandez, leaving them at their mother’s residence. He was returning home with his and Kirsten’s 2-year-old daughter in the backseat of his SUV.

He would never make it. Police in Jacksonville Beach, Florida, said he encountered a tire in a dark area of Sanctuary Boulevard. Investigators believe someone put it there on purpose to make him stop. Bridegan opened his SUV door, presumably to move the tire.

Is Mario Fernandez married to ex-wife of Jared Bridegan?

Yes, he did. Fernandez Saldana is married to Gardner Fernandez; the ex-wife of Jared Bridegan. Shanna Gardner is accused of arranging the Feb. 16, 2022 killing of ex-husband Jared Bridegan.

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Who is Jared Bridegan?

Jared Bridegan is the ex-husband of Shanna Gardner. Shanna Gardner has currently been accused of arranging the Feb. 16, 2022 killing of ex-husband Jared Bridegan.

Investigators say Fernandez was behind a months-long conspiracy to kill Bridegan that began Nov. 1, 2021, according to Fernandez’s indictment.

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Tenon’s original court records said he became involved in the murder conspiracy on Jan. 4, 2022 — just over a month before Bridegan was killed.

Investigators said when Tenon was arrested on an unrelated felony driving charge in August 2022, they questioned him about Bridegan’s murder and a Ford F-150 truck they had been searching for since the shooting.

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