Did Malayalam filmmaker die of stroke?

Following the death of KG George, this report will explore the salient factors surrounding his health. Ultimately, we’ll find out if he has any form of disease or what he essentially has that culminates in his death. Apparently, the late Malayalam was undergoing treatment for a stroke, but we don’t know if that was what ultimately took his life, as the authorities and his family are still has not made any statements to this effect.

KG George's illness and health: Did the Malayalam filmmaker die of a stroke?

Who is KG George?

KG GeorgeFull name Kulakkattil Geevarghese George is an Indian filmmaker and screenwriter who worked in Malayalam cinema.


The Malayalam Cinema Technicians Association (MACTA) was founded by George, who also served as its first president and remains a board member. He was the chairman of the Kerala State Film Development Corporation.


On 24 May 1946, in Thiruvalla, Samuel and Annamma welcomed their eldest son, George. After graduating from Pune’s Film and Television Institute (FTII), KG George started working in the film industry as Ramu Kariat’s assistant. With Swapnadanam (1975), he made his directorial debut and quickly became famous in the new film movement of the early 1970s.

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George George’s career

KG George’s debut film, Swapnadanam, was a commercial success while maintaining artistic integrity. The film, a marital drama, eschewed the typical song and dance numbers of popular cinema but still resonated with audiences.

George then moved into mid-range cinema and produced some of the best works of Malayalam cinema, which were popular with the masses and appreciated by critics, and won several awards. For example, Swapnadanam won the Kerala State Film Award for Best Film. In 1980, George released Kolangal, a film that broke with the conventional romantic notion of an interior Kerala village filled with virtue and happiness, instead depicting a village engulfed in the flames of jealousy.

Yavanika, a detective thriller that explores the behind-the-scenes drama of a traveling theater troupe, was one of the most commercially and artistically successful films of the 1980s, winning the Academy Award. Kerala State photo for Best Film. George used cinema cinema techniques for this film.

Lekhayude Maranam Oru’s flashback, which alludes to famous actress Shobha’s real-life suicide, had sparked controversy even before its release. Adaminte Variyellu used new storytelling techniques to tell the story of the unhappy married life and oppression endured by three urban women.


Panchavadi Palam, based on a short story by Veloor Krishnankutty, is a satirical comedy with a deliberately exaggerated plot and caricature-like characters, functioning almost like a political cartoon. Ultimately, Irakal is a profound exploration of the psychology of violence, following the story of a ruthless rubber baron, Mathukutty, who disregards prevailing moral standards and fathers criminal sons. criminal as well as a sexually rebellious daughter, Annie. His son, Baby, is a psychopath who strangles, uses nylon rope and is eventually shot to death by his repentant father.

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Cause of death of KG George

KG George passed away at a retirement community in Kakkanad on September 24, 2023. He was undergoing treatment following a stroke. He was 77 years old


What is KG George disease and health problems?

While it seems that the deceased Malayalam was being treated for a stroke, we are not sure if this was what ultimately took his life as neither the authorities nor his family make any statements to this effect.

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