Cảm nhận 4 câu thơ đầu đoạn trích Cảnh ngày xuân

Feel the first 4 verses of Spring Day Scene to see the wonderful, pure, youthful spring scene that captivates people through the descriptive pen of Nguyen Du.

Topic: Express your feelings about the picture of nature in the first 4 sentences of the poem Spring day scene

(excerpt.) Kieu story) by Nguyen Du.


High score essay feel about the picture of nature in the first 4 sentences Spring day scene

Kieu story It is a classic work of Vietnamese literature. More than two hundred years ago, Kieu story has been widely circulated and has great conquest to all classes of readers. With Kieu storyBesides the art of depicting people, the art of depicting nature also reached a brilliant and rare peak. The first four lines of the passage “Spring day scene“Clearly expressing the masterful writing style of genius Nguyen Du:

“On spring day, the swallow took the shuttle

Optical Thieu was past sixty nine decades

Green grass to the horizon

The scene of white pears dotted with a few flowers”.

With just a few touches, the picture of a spring day opens up immeasurably high and wide. The vast sky with the swallows’ wings to celebrate spring fluttered like a shuttle in the sky. The space is spacious, clear, pure, and full of life. Fresh green spring painting with the colors of young grass spreading as the background, white pear flowers dotted. The word “point” makes the landscape come alive, soulful, evoking a wonderful harmony for the natural picture and the unique beauty of the pure and new spring.

By symbolic means, the poet skillfully evokes the passage of time. It’s the beginning of March. It was also the time of Qingming period. Space and time evoke in the reader’s heart the warm spring color, the joyful spring festival and the warm spring love.

Next, Nguyen Du looked down at the ground, opening a width to infinity. Young grass spreads green carpets all over the ground, continuing to the distant horizon. Dotted on that endless blue background is the pure white of a few blooming pear flowers. The inversion method: “White pear branch with a few flowers”, makes us like to see the pear flowers as if they are stirring, putting all their energy into blooming the last petals, offering beauty for eternal spring.

In ancient poetry, the pear flower was once so beautiful:

“The Inter-Heavenly Sage

Let’s go to the flower scorebook”.

(The fragrant grass follows the blue sky

Pear flowers a few flowers bloom)

Nguyen Du borrowed images from ancient poetry to create an ancient and erudite character for the work. But he also took significant creative steps when it came to bolding the grass. The method of inversion makes the image of white pear flowers more vivid and sparkling. The soul of flowers seems to wander across the fresh spring sky.

Indeed, the picture of spring is painted with poetic painting style. It is a spring full of colors, light, fragrance and spring love that is full of the soul of the Vietnamese homeland.

Some articles or feelings about the first 4 verses of Spring Day Scene

Unit 1:

Kieu story The work of author Nguyen Du is very famous in the country’s literature. In Kieu story, Excerpts Spring day scene is the opening part with the background of Thuy Kieu’s spring travel in a colorful and poetic natural setting.

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The first verses both describe space and remind of the passage of time:

On the spring day, the swallow took the shuttle

Optical Thieu was past sixty nine decades

Spring day comes, the swallows flutter in the sky, the swallow’s wings appear as if to say that spring is at the most beautiful and brilliant time, spring goes by too quickly “Thieu Quang is ninety years old. sixty” as to say that sixty days have passed, that is, the time is in March. With only two verses, the author described the beauty of nature and spring space.

In the last two verses, the author has more clearly described the colorful natural beauty with two main colors, blue and white.

Green grass to the horizon

There are some blossoms on the white pear branch

The green color from the young grass stretches to the horizon, endlessly long, dotted on the green grass are white pear flowers. From an old Chinese verse describing a few pear flowers in bloom, but through Nguyen Du’s talent, the natural space has become much more open, beautiful and pure. Just a few pear flowers on the green grass background but enough to make the space lively and soulful. The inversion method “White pear branch with a few flowers” makes the white color really stand out more among the green grass, and the vastness of nature. With the first 4 verses, the author helps readers visualize a picture of nature filled with vitality with the pure and pure beauty of the landscape in spring.

Nguyen Du recreates the picture of nature in early spring filled with vitality and rich in poetry. This is the most beautiful image of nature in the opening part of the poem Kieu story. In addition, we also have to mention the skillful writing style of the allegorical scene along with a series of words rich in expressive nuances used in the story. Spring day scene beautiful.

Lesson 2:

In medieval literature about spring, there were many beautiful and unique verses like poems roof by Nguyen Trai:

When spring comes, the flowers are not good,

I like you for being cleaner than people.

The eastern attic must have been a guest,

Have the fairies make friends to play.

But perhaps there is no poem in which the picture of spring nature is described as beautiful, pure and fresh as in Nguyen Du’s poetry. With only the first four lines of the excerpt “Spring day scene“The great poet has opened up in front of readers a beautiful and beautiful natural space.

On the spring day, the swallow took the shuttle

Optical Thieu was past sixty nine decades

The verse opens with the image of bustling swallows flying in the sky, creating a vast and vast space. The image of spring is made clearer in the second verse: Thieu Quang – the most beautiful bright spring light. Nguyen Du’s time calculation is also very special, spring has “ninety over sixty” that is when spring has entered the third month, the sun becomes brighter and warmer. Thus, the space is filled with light. The poem not only describes the scene, but also shows the emotions of people behind it. The image of “swallow shuttle” both evokes the vast, vast space and evokes the flow of time. The bright and warm spring passed so quickly that people couldn’t help but feel sad. His sense of time is fresh, modern, unlike other medieval poets: “Spring is full of flowers / Spring is full of flowersbut similar to the feeling of poet Xuan Dieu: “Spring coming means spring is passing / Spring is young means spring is old“. It is a new unique feature in his compositions, although they differ in form of expression, they all show nostalgia for the time of spring – youth, cherishing and cherishing every moment.

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To complete the spring picture, Nguyen Du used a dotted pen to sketch a beautiful, harmonious picture of colors:

Green grass to the horizon

There are some blossoms on the white pear branch.

As the background for the spring picture is the fresh, tender grass stretching to the horizon. From there, making the space of the sky and the space of the ground also become more vast and spacious. On the young green background, full of life, appeared a few delicate and pure pear flowers. Here, the colors of the picture are in absolute harmony, the young green of the grass combined with the pure white of the pear flower, highlighting the vitality and elegance of the pear petals. Moreover, Nguyen Du also proved to be especially sensitive when using the verb “point” to make the scene look divine, soulful, not static. Combined with the inversion “white spot” once again emphasizes and highlights the white color of pear flowers.

Reading Nguyen Du’s verse, we suddenly remember an ancient Chinese verse:

Inter-heavenly healing herbs

Le chi flower scorebook.

On the basis of the acquisition of colors and the large space of the painting, Nguyen Du has had unique creations, making his paintings bring beauty and vitality. The painting in ancient poetry emphasizes the fragrance and focuses on the young green color of the grass, the white color of the flower is just a secondary factor, dominating the picture. And in Nguyen Du’s autumn paintings, the element he particularly emphasized is the lush green color, full of the vitality of nature. The white color of the pear flower is the element that highlights the beauty of the picture. There is a perfect harmony and harmony between these two colors. In particular, Nguyen Du’s painting is not static but very lively and soulful. He used the inversion of “white spot” to make the picture appear to be both slender, soft, and lively. It is this point that makes his spring painting a masterpiece in landscape art.

With just a few strokes of the brush, evoking, Nguyen Du has painted a beautiful picture of spring nature. From there, readers can feel the poet’s talented and rich pen, along with the cheerful, elated, and sensitive human soul with beauty.

Lesson 3:

Spring has long been an aesthetic object, inspiring many writers and amateurs to write great poems about spring. In Vietnamese medieval literature, we can mention a number of works such as:Report them” by Zen master Man Giac,”Late spring news“by Nguyen Trai,”Play spring before it’s over” by Nguyen Cong Tru … And also contributed a beautiful poem about the beginning of the year, we can’t help but mention Nguyen Du in the excerpt “Spring day scene“. With just four short verses, 28 letters, the poet successfully sketched a picture of a fresh and energetic spring nature:

On the spring day, the swallow took the shuttle

Optical Thieu was past sixty nine decades

Green grass to the horizon

There are some blossoms on the white pear branch.

The first two verses have the power to evoke both time and space. The spring day passed by so quickly. The whole spring has ninety days, now January and February have passed and the third month has passed. The light of spring day is soft, clear, spreading, spreading everywhere. In the high sky, flocks of spring swallows are flying, and on the ground is an endless shelf of green grass stretching to the distance. The verb “to end” makes the spring space seem to be expanding, expanding more and more in amplitude and covering the whole spring space is a green color of grass and leaves. On that verdant grass background are pear flowers with a few white colors evoking purity and freshness. The inversion method has the effect of highlighting and highlighting the white power of pear flowers on the background of spring grass.

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In the last two verses, the poet skillfully and skillfully used two ancient Chinese verses to write his poems:

Inter-heavenly healing herbs

Le chi flower scorebook.

Nguyen Du used “young grass” instead of “fragrant grass” (herbal) to highlight the color of the grass. The color “young grass” is light green, evoking the young, growing, rich life of the natural landscape. Under the gentle light of spring, the grass and trees seem to sprout, sprout, bring an endless green color. On the background of that painting, white dotted with pear flowers. And that white color later appeared in To Huu’s poetry in the poem “Following in Uncle Ho’s footsteps“:

“Oh this spring morning, spring 41

The white forest border blooms with apricots…”

Or in the poem “north Vietnam“, To Huu also wrote:

“In spring, the forest blooms white…”

However, if in To Huu’s poetry, the white color of apricot flowers is a dominant color, covering the natural scenery of spring, in Nguyen Du’s verse, the white color of pear flowers only “points” a few points. focus on the green background of the grass. The word “white” and island art are a unique artistic creation of Nguyen Du. The word “point” evokes a dynamic scene, not a static one, like the hand of an artist-poet or the talented hand of the Creator who is drawing poetry and painting. All are fresh, quiet, ethereal, full of spring energy.

In summary, with just four short and concise verses, but under the pen and description of the spirit, Nguyen Du has created a picture of pure spring, pure, pure and full of life, full of breath. of the spring spirit of Vietnam. The poem is very typical for the poet’s unique scene-describing style.


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Feelings about the first 4 verses of the Spring Day scene

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