Andile Ncube’s comment about Musa’s wife, Liesl Laurie causes a stir

Andile Ncube caused a stir on social media after making a comment about Musa Mthombeni’s wife, Liesl Laurie.

The radio personality is known for constantly mocking his friend Musa on social media, so this behavior is not new, however, his recent tweet struck awake critics.


After the grisly story between criminal Thabo Bester and his alleged lover, Dr. Nandipha, Andile decided to poke fun at his doctor friend, Mthombeni.

Ncube wrote: “As we are currently looking for Doctors, someone please put a microscope on that Musa guy, khona okushaya amanzi lapha. How the hell did he get that girl?!?”

Reacting to the tweet, Musa wrote, “Andile, my brother! Don’t do this! Honestly, I’m just a sweet and innocent young man from Vaal. I mean no harm. I do no harm. I’m just a nice guy.”

Andile’s tweet drew a response from SA’s Twitter influencers and critics.

“The kind of friend you always keep your distance from. Friends don’t joke like this,” one tweet read.

“Follow them on Instagram guys, you’ll get used to it, that’s what they are, Dr. Musa is also horrible with Andile sometimes and it’s really sweet and fun to watch these two rush in each other like that, damn, I love this friendship, jealous of it,” another wrote.

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