9 common mistakes people make while cooking pasta

From not boiling water properly to overcooking noodles, there are so many mistakes involved in cooking the perfect noodle dish that we make, but never realize and then complain about. imperfect.


According to the chefs, the whole idea of ​​calling such dishes a ‘2-minute dish’ is to some extent causal, as people end up making them in a hurry without realizing that everyone Each ingredient has its own rate of flavor absorption.

Here are the most common mistakes people make when cooking pasta.

Scroll for more mistakes and instant remedies that will surely guide you to make the perfect pasta next time.

1. Wrong use of dry noodles
Due to increased demand, local producers use low-quality flour to make pasta and also adopt shortcuts to make the final product cheaper. All of this results in a noodle dish that doesn’t maintain the signature texture we all love.
2. Improper heating of water
The whole idea of ​​making pasta and noodles in 2 minutes is vague. According to Chef Rajdeep Kapoor, the water should be ‘boiling’ before you add noodles or pasta.
3. Not putting enough salt in the water
If you are confused about the ratio of water and salt while cooking pasta here is the solution. Add 10 grams of salt for every 1,000 grams of water. If the ratio is not right, it will make the noodles taste bland.
4. Use less water
Pasta needs a place to swim, and that can only happen when you put enough water in the pan while it’s boiling. So stop thinking, add more water.
5. Rinse Your Pasta
This is the biggest mistake people make when cooking pasta. One should never wash pasta after boiling in water. That starch adds a smooth, silky consistency to the sauce.
6. Do not use shares
If you have poured salt water after boiling the noodles, then stop doing that immediately. It actually acts as a medium for extracting and mixing seasoning and sauce ingredients. So start using it.
7. Noodles in the wrong shape according to the sauce
You will be surprised to learn that it is important to choose the right pasta, while also paying attention to the sauce. While a simple tomato and cream and butter sauce goes well with all types of pasta, pasta with a flatter and longer shape pairs well with olive oil and cream sauces.
8. Overcooking pasta
Sometimes people overcook pasta with the view that it will enhance the flavor of the final dish. Let us tell you, it’s a legend. Overcooking not only spoils the look but also the taste of the pasta.
9. Don’t cook pasta with sauce
If you have a habit of stir-frying pasta after cooking, stop now. Boiled noodles and sauce are cooked together so that the small holes absorb the sauce and make the dish more appealing.

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