5 signs a woman really likes you, based on her texts

It can be a bit complicated to find a woman. Especially if you have to understand her text-based cues?

It’s not like dating isn’t challenging without the whole texting part. But written conversations are an important aspect of every type of relationship these days.


So how do you choose the right signs to tell if a woman really likes you or not? Don’t worry, we are here to help.

1. You’re not the only one to start the conversation
You need to get one thing straight – if you’re the only one who’s always starting a conversation, there’s something seriously wrong with the way you view your relationship with that woman. So if you’re not and if the girl you’re texting with definitely starts a conversation from time to time, that in itself is a huge sign that she likes you and wants to get to know you better.

2. She answers fast
Not all women want to bring out the idea that they are too available by instant messaging all the time. They don’t want men to think that they sit on their phones all day waiting for you to text. They want to appear busy, lead an enjoyable life with minimal free time. But if a woman replies to you quickly almost all the time, it just means she no longer cares about those unwritten rules. She wants to reply to your messages immediately to continue the conversation.

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3. She sends long messages with many follow-up questions
If a woman sends you long texts, that’s actually a good sign. A woman who is not interested in you will never waste time sending long texts. But if you get follow-up questions along with long texts from the girl you texted, it just shows that she’s working hard to establish a meaningful conversation with you for her sake. care about.

4. She notices a change in your texting style
Women pay attention to everything and if you didn’t already know this, now you do. If a woman likes you, she will notice if there is a change in the way you text her. If you usually send her lots of emojis when texting and then one day stop, she will ask you if everything is okay. A girl who likes you will notice every change in your texting style. She might even be thinking too much if you leave her without an answer.

5. She expresses herself impressively
When a woman isn’t romantically interested in you, she’s not interested in being fun, interesting, or getting your attention. But if she really likes you, she will definitely present herself in an interesting as well as impressive way. She will avoid repeating herself, she will put a lot of new elements into her writing. This is one of the obvious signs that she wants you to notice her.

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