5 reasons why Tequila might be the healthiest alcohol

You’re not alone if you associate tequila with a bad morning hangover.


In fact, taking too much can lead to drunken dancing and terrible headaches the next morning.

While there can be some side effects of going over your drinking limit, drinking tequila in moderation is also known to have certain health benefits.

Shocking health benefits of tequila
It is important to state that drinking too much alcohol is definitely harmful to health, which is why it should be strictly enjoyed in small doses. You should also consult a healthcare professional before including it in your diet.
If you love tequila and enjoy it in moderation, here’s a list of its shocking health benefits:

1. Lose weight
Yes, we know what you’re thinking. In general, it is advisable to stay away from alcohol to lose weight. However, according to a 2014 study conducted by the American Chemical Society, drinking tequila in moderation can lead to a smaller waistline. Agave tequila is not digestible and therefore cannot raise your blood sugar. Therefore, it can help you feel fuller for longer.

2. Digestive Support
Tequila is made from the agave plant and is known to aid digestion because it contains inulin. It is a prebiotic fiber known to support digestive health. In addition, inulin is also known to promote satiety and help you manage your weight.

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3. Help you sleep better
Did you know that drinking small amounts of tequila can help calm your nerves, relax, and even sleep better? Yes, it can also help fight restlessness. However, remember not to overdo it and don’t depend on it to sleep properly.

4. It’s Probiotics
Again we are talking about drinking in small amounts. For the uninitiated, probiotics are live bacteria that are actually good for your gut. The fructans from which the tequila is made can provide probiotics, which strengthen our immune systems.

5. It reduces the risk of diabetes
If you are battling diabetes, we strongly recommend that you talk to your doctor before starting to drink tequila. However, because tequila is derived from the agave plant, it passes through the body undigested. This ensures that blood sugar doesn’t spike. In fact, agave has been shown to lower blood sugar levels.


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