5 of J’Something’s love note to his wife Cordelia

J’Something is definitely in love with his wife, Cordelia “Coco” Fonseca.

The couple is one of Mzansi’s favorites as the musician seizes every opportunity to shower his wife with every form of love.


In the past 7 years since they got married, J has always celebrated their anniversaries, dated Coco and also wrote heart-melting love letters to her, which he shared online. society.

Here are the notes that prove J’Something is really in love:

“Every moment I’m with you I feel like I’m holding all the gold in the world. All I want to do in this life is chase you. Be selfish to spend as much time as possible talking to you, eating with you, celebrating with you and LIVE THE LIFE I have with you! I love you. You love me. How convenient.”

“I swear sometimes our lives are like a movie! Food is our love language. Not only cooking together, but also discovering food together and eating together… It’s one of my favorite things that we share. Grateful for every little moment we spent together…”

“There’s nothing better, when we’re together, and it feels so good… how much I love kicking you. @cocodafonseca I love you sugar! So happy that I get to spend time on earth with you…Love and light.”

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“Hey @cocodafonseca… The more time I spend with you, the more I realize that heaven is really a place on earth! Wifey and tequila date night with close friends after dinner. Trying to make the most of every second of every day…it’s not easy but absolutely living each day is the most valuable lesson I’ve learned so far on my journey. Marrying my best friend never sounded so good…”

J’Something and his wife, Coco

“Mr and Mrs. Happy… Well, we had a great day… I feel so happy when I’m with you. You are an interesting person. I love your energy. I love your company. You are so good to me, to me, to me. I love who WE are. I love what we are about. I love how we look in photos because I know that reality is a million times better! I love you @cocodafonseca and I think that’s great f#%^*!”


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