4 modest ways to slay to Eid in 2023

Muslims all over the world have begun planning their Eid-ul-Fitr celebrations as Eid marks the end of Ramadan and the beginning of the new moon of a new month, Shawwal.


Many Muslims celebrate Eid by wearing their best clothes and going out to meet friends and relatives while looking attractive and smelling good.
Especially for women, Eid is not only a day to celebrate but also a day to dress up and show off their style.
Here are 5 humble ways to kill Eid in 2023:

1. Abaya

Abaya is a loose, long-sleeved dress that is at least mid-calf and covers everything from shoulders to toes. It also has a hole in the top and an slit on one side of the garment so you can walk around without tripping over it. Some even have front buttons.

Abaya is a staple in many Muslim women’s wardrobes and can be easily styled with classic veils and other accessories.

There are also different types and styles of Abaya to choose from. This includes: Bat-wing Abaya, Classic Abaya, Maxi Abaya, Sheer Abaya, Embroidered Abaya, Beaded Abaya, etc.

2. Kaftan

Kaftan is an ancient garment that originated in Persia and spread throughout Central and Western Asia. It is a type of robe or ao dai worn by both men and women. Kaftans are still worn today in many different ways.

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Kaftan was introduced to Morocco by Andalusian refugees from Iran during the early days of Islam. It can be worn elegantly and stylishly for many different occasions.

3. Modest clothing

A modest outfit is one that covers the skin while remaining comfortable and stylish. This can be done with a variety of materials and in many different styles. You can buy pre-made modest dresses or order one made to your specifications.

4. Ankara print dress

Ankara’s versatility has made it one of the most popular fabrics in African countries, especially in West Africa. Ankara costumes come in a variety of designs and can be worn as a modest outfit to celebrate Eid.


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