4 indoor games for families you must try this weekend

When the weekend comes, we either go on a family vacation or stay at home and rest.


When we are at home, television and other electronic devices can sometimes save time, but we probably don’t want to let our kids watch unlimited screens all day.

For kids to have fun on the weekend, some new ideas are needed.

1. Skoodle Stackrr Classic: The game that brings the whole family together. Look no further if you want a great combination of feeling, laughter and maybe a little patience. It’s the ideal game for everyone, offering an on-the-spot, gravity-defying action and floor game that promotes Strategic Thinking, communication and logic between players.

2. Hasbro Pictureka: Laugh-Out-Loud It’s fun for family and friends to see who can find it fastest and first! The game consists of 9 game tiles with bizarre images that the player must race to find according to the instructions of the mission card. They keep the quest tag if they find the object. The player with the most cards at the end of the game wins!

3. Trikona Craft Game Dexterity: Trikona is a game that trains both physical and mental acumen. Using the simple premise of stacking blocks, try to pick the right piece that corresponds to your pattern card. The winner of the game is the one who matches and completes his puzzle before the tower collapses.

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4. Skoodle Quest Wordwit: Make your word witty and win with the highest score, claiming the crown of witty word. It’s simple and fun, and you learn new words while challenging your opponents. Make every letter count by adding letters in each turn and score points to form a continuous sequence of meaningful words.


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